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Research and development ability
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Professional R&D conditions

To improve the efficiency of R&D, build efficient R&D management system, WAKE UP Technology introduced professional R&D management system, set up the hardware laboratory, algorithm laboratory, reliability laboratory, and the combination of independent R&D and industry-university-research technology R&D mode, in the emphasis on independent innovation, fully attach importance to the cooperation with the relevant scientific research institutions,reach in-depth cooperation with huazhong university of science and technology project depth cooperation in 2022.

Strong technical application ability

WAKE UP Technology established a perfect new product research and development design process, accumulated a number of core technology, have strong technology application ability, after nearly a decade of development, in smart wear operating system, terminal APP, big data application, hardware design has entered the industry forefront, in consumer electronics, wisdom medical and other industries have a wide range of product application, the future will be in sports, insurance, intelligent manufacturing technology application.

Scientific R&D organization

WAKE UP Technology has established a bipolar innovative R&D system composed of a technology research and development center and a technology development center. The Center is responsible for planning the direction of technology development, developing and promoting frontier technology and providing technical support; the Center is responsible for product technology development, project customization and other functions. The WAKE UP Technology bipolar R&D system can help efficiently promote R&D work and promote innovation.

Rich technical reserve

WAKE UP Technology adheres to independent innovation, and vigorously researches and develops core technologies with independent intellectual property rights. After years of development, the company has accumulated a lot of smart wear technology reserves, accumulated the patent certification over 300, in the operating system research and development, sports health algorithm, AI big data engine made remarkable innovation research and development achievements, in the immature new technology research and development also has a lot of development experience.

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