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WAKE UP Introduction
ShenZhen WAKE UP Technology Inc., Ltd., founded in 2015, is a smart wearable digital ecological platform company focusing on the intelligent terminal business of the Internet of Things

WAKE UP adhere to the core technology independent research and development of core technologies, and has achieved a number of industry technology leaders in many fields such as wearable OS operating system, AI big data cloud platform, sports health algorithm, and wearable hardware solutions, WAKE UP Technology is also the first domestic won the "national high-tech enterprise certification", "Guangdong specialization, new small and medium-sized enterprises" and "national specialization, new little giant enterprise" science and technology innovation research and development enterprises.

WAKE UP Technology is committed to building the world's leading WEARFIT open and sharing ecosystem, providing partners and consumers with more cutting-edge wearable devices, closer collaborative services, and more valuable content ecology, and working with partners to create a reliable smart wearable ecological platform to create a new experience of scientific and technological life.

WAKE UP corporate culture
  • Corporate mission

    To promote a digital and healthy new life with smart wearable technology

  • Core values

    clarity; diversity; dedication; innovation; listening and sharing; striving and positive

  • Corporate vision

    technology connects health, become the health engine of smart wear, knowledge and practice

About Us
  • Chen Zepeng | Founder
  • Yang Yuan | CEO
  • Zhao Lei | COO
Enterprise development process
  • 2023-2021
  • 2020-2018
  • 2017-2015
  • 2023
    • The industry's first wearable AI technology, the world's first launch AI dial
    • WEARFIT OS operating system won the 2023 French Design Award
    • WEARFIT smart watch won the 2023 French Design Gold Award
    • Won the 6th Blue Dot Award for Most Investment Value
  • 2022
    • Through the "national specialized special new small giant enterprise" certification
    • It was selected into the list of "Famous High-tech Products of Guangdong Province in 2022"
    • Global registered users exceeded 100 million
  • 2021
    • The WEARFIT OS new operating system is officially launched
    • Won the title of "Guangdong Province specialized and special new Enterprise"
    • WAKE UP Technology Beijing subsidiary was officially established
  • 2020
    • Won the "Medical Device Business License"
    • Won the "Quality Management System Certification Certificate"
    • Obtained a total of 66 intellectual property-related certificates
  • 2019
    • Passed the "National High-tech Enterprise" certification
    • Won the title of Double Software Enterprise
    • Global cumulative installed capacity exceeds 100 million units
    • Smart wearable products have entered More than 100 countries and regions, including the United States
  • 2018
    • Global users exceeded 50 million
  • 2017
    • WAKE UP Technology has won more than 30 related patent certificates and software product certificates
  • 2016
    • Independent developed a variety of measurable heart rate, blood pressure, blood sugar, positioning and other intelligent wearable devices
  • 2015
    • Founded in Shenzhen, began independent research and development of smart health wearable product solutions
WEARFIT Ecosphere
The whole industry chain, the whole dimension of intelligent wearable aggregation and open ecosystem
More efficient
software development collaboration
More transparent
developer platform
More complete
area coverage
More powerful
hardware ecology is closed-loop
More powerful
supply chain value system
More powerful
resource integration ability
brand manufacturers
global semiconductor
strategic partner
upstream and downstream
manufacturers of wearable accessories
national and regional coverage
120 million
Global registered users
development partners
system development and application
wearable device service manufacturers
Honor and Qualification
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