Quality management policy
Whole-process quality management
  • Supplier audit and management

    Implement strict supplier access system, establish the supplier management process of "Development → Supplier self-assessment → Audit → Supplier qualification review → Qualified supplier list → Regular audit" to ensure that suppliers provide qualified parts that meet the requirements.

  • Supply control

    Establish incoming inspection standards and incoming control process, clarify receiving standards and strictly check incoming quality; formulate perfect sampling inspection scheme, ensure the accuracy and credibility of sampling results, establish complete incoming inspection records, and improve the quality of incoming materials.

  • Production process control

    Establish the key process monitoring points, implement the daily equipment spot inspection and confirmation, assign professional laboratories to regularly calibrate the monitoring and measurement devices, and implement the internal measurement system analysis, to ensure the effectiveness of the monitoring and measurement data.

  • Shipping delivery control

    Implement 100% shipment inspection for each batch of shipped products, to achieve the whole process inspection from production to shipment., Record, store and analyze the data, generate the shipment inspection report.

  • Customer service management

    Register and handle customer complaints, quickly handle all kinds of customer complaints, timely track customer complaints progress; strictly conduct internal assessment and control of processing progress and completion to continuously improve customer satisfaction.

  • Supplier collaboration

    Tracing product quality problems, quickly pull inspection reports, interact with suppliers on quality data, compare supplier inspection and internal inspection information, coordinate corrective and preventive measures, and eliminate subsequent quality problems.

Quality system: WAKE UP Technology strictly follow the quality management "eight principles", by taking "risk-based thinking" and "PDCA" cycle to improve the process, regular internal audit of the company, including: product audit, process audit, system audit, to verify the effectiveness of the quality management system operation and provide data support for the implementation of management review.

Quality management system certification and international certification
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