WEARFIT OS Operating system
System Introduction

WEARFIT OS It is a smart wearable operating system independently developed by WAKE UP Technology. It is an open source and standardized smart wearable operating system. WEARFIT OS The underlying layer is based on the development of open source code. The system itself is very lightweight, compatible with different configurations, and has three features of lightness, smooth and intelligent. It is committed to providing leading intelligent life technology experience for customers and consumers in the global smart wearable industry. In 2023, WEARFIT OS won the French Design Award and Japan G-Mark Design Award, the global cumulative installed capacity exceeded 120 million, and the service scope covered 193 countries and regions around the world.

WAKE UP Technology has a domestic leading intelligent wear operating system research and development team, to research and development of stable and reliable, concise and easy to use smart wear operating system and open source solutions as the goal, with operating system research and development, customer customization, internationalization, interaction design, support services, professional personnel, can meet different regional customers and application scenarios widely demand for intelligent wear operating system products. At the same time, the WAKE UP Technology as a WEARFIT OS ecological operating system pioneer, not only with the chip, components, the machine, middleware, database manufacturers reached a strategic partnership, also with Tencent, ali, Baidu,HONOR and other strategic partners developed more meet customer and consumer demand of application software, to build smart wear WEARFIT OS ecological.

Design Philosophy

Every carrier of information transmission, has a unique visual requirements, wearable hardware small size screen, is doomed to too fine information display is impossible, so, wearable hardware interaction design need more light, concise, orderly, so for the operating system architecture design, interactive logic, UI vision put forward higher for requirements.

WEARFIT OS is smart wearable hardware operating system independently research and development of WAKE UP Technology, Wear is the future of smart wearable, is the perfect combination of imagination and creativity, fit represents is our attitude, we hope to do a more concise and easy to use, proper OS system, hope to give users a kind of fun and enjoy the new experience.

Technical architecture
WEARFIT OS The open-source community
Open open source, creating and sharing; innovation driven, with the future.

We are committed to promoting the open source and innovation of smart wearable operating systems. WEARFIT OS The open source community will be open in the near future, which will be an open source community composed of developers, designers, industry customers, ordinary users and advocates! We are committed to providing an open, free and communication platform and the best open source operating system for all participants through open source community development and collaboration!

Whether you are an experienced developer, an inspired designer, or an ordinary consumer user, we welcome you to join us and contribute your strength to the community!

WEARFIT OS The open source community takes the concept of "openness, transparency, innovation and sharing"
as the principle of community work and communication

People from different backgrounds and experience can join us and participate in community work

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