WEARFIT Pro Terminal APP
product presentation

WEARFIT PRO Is an application independently developed by WAKE UP Technology that integrates WEARFIT smart wearable hardware terminal data and services.

Through the link of the whole scene of daily life, WEARFIT PRO can realize the accurate monitoring, analysis and processing of personal sports and health data,

and provide a perfect intelligent wearable ecological service experience.

WEARFIT PRO committed to building a professional personal digital sports health management + life service management platform,

providing global users with intelligent sports health management solutions.

Plan advantage
  • 01

    Modular design, according to customer needs for free configuration or personalized customized development

  • 02

    With the support of AI algorithm, the data is collected and in-depth analysis and mining of data to output more valuable data reports

  • 03

    Visual interaction design, rich analysis components, industry custom configuration controls, convenient and easy to use

User Experience UE
  • Visualization of the data for presentatio
  • Intelligent life assistant
  • Ecological scene service
  • In addition to the routine data collection and recording function, WEARFIT also integrates the user health and exercise data information collected by watches, combined with AI big data analysis and processing and interventional analysis of professional medical institutions to mine the information behind the data, so as to realize truly intelligent health monitoring analysis, sleep state analysis, fitness and exercise analysis, etc

  • At present, WEARFIT has supported a number of smart life functions, such as mobile payment, smart travel, smart reminder, game entertainment, online medical services and so on, providing users with intimate, safe and convenient intelligent experience. In the future, WEARFIT will continue to introduce partners in various industries to cover more daily life scenes of users

  • Relying on the WEARFIT open and sharing ecological platform, linking the ecological resources of various industries, WEARFIT can provide users with multi-industry ecological integration service experience, one-stop solution to users' sports health and life service needs. At the same time, we can also join the WEARFIT open platform, freely submit original works and resources, and continuously obtain profits

Product functionality
  • Health data analysis
  • sports data management
  • convenient medical services
  • health warning and reminder
  • intelligent device interconnection
  • remote positioning and protection
  • sports and fitness courses
  • AI dial
  • Application Market
  • GPT2.0
  • dial market
  • theme market
WEARFIT Pro APP Application solution architecture
Development process
  • 01
    Demand assessment
  • 02
    Project approval
  • 03
    Product planning
  • 04
    UI visual design
  • 05
    APP development
  • 06
    Quality audit
  • 07
    Acceptance and delivery
  • 08
    Deployment on-line
  • 09
    Post maintenance
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