WEARFIT Smart and health
big data cloud platform

WEARFIT Wisdom health big data management cloud platform is an AI big data platform independently developed by WAKE UP Technology, which is a smart wear industry on the basis of data processing platform, supported by big data full stack technology ability, provide large user data access, calculation, management, call, integration ability, achieve one-stop data full life cycle management.

After years of continuous innovation and resource integration, WEARFIT Big Data has now developed into a leading smart health AI big data management cloud platform in China. WAKE UP Technology with its own health data as the center, collection, analysis and evaluation of user health data, multidimensional data model will integrate data integration output, combined with AI big data analysis engine, provide personal big data intelligent analysis early warning services and industry data application services, comprehensive fu can assign wisdom medical, smart home, wisdom and sports industry development.

WEARFIT Smart health management system
Health intervention program
Data acquisition and analysis
Data tracking feedback
  • Data collection
  • Data cleaning
  • Data analysis
  • Visualization
  • Assisting decision-making
  • Industry applications
Core competence
Massive data transmission capacity

Support various data collection to enrich the mutual transmission between data sources; underlying Spark technology engine, Spark distributed power can support large data transmission; support the flow control of scene data sources.

Health care data storage calculation
Data service capability
Capacity to be open to the platform
Explore the infinite possibilities of intelligent life
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